About Claire Burke

Claire BurkeClaire Burke was a woman of style and taste.  An interior designer of the country’s most prestigious homes, she knew that even the most extraordinary rooms weren’t complete without the right decorative accessories and an exquisite scent to tie it all together.  Her own combinations of botanical elements and complex fragrances became her trademark, and her creative vision sparked an industry. With just a $200 investment and a passion for botanicals, she created her first batch of potpourri in her bathroom.  Her entrepreneurial spirit carried her through to pioneer a brand that is still synonymous with style and grace, over 50 years after its creation.

Since those early days, Claire Burke® has become today’s collection, beloved by so many for its special fragrances and accessories. Always seeking new ways to decorate with fragrance, they stay true to their founder’s mission of creating the ‘scent of memories’ to captivate and illuminate.

Discover inspiring new ways to decorate with fragrance… and give the gift of a fragrant memory, only from Claire Burke®.



One response to “About Claire Burke

  1. Alicia

    Love Love Love Claire Burke! Vanilla Bean is so yummy!

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