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Fragrance is the final touch to any home decor.

Home Fragrance Oil – what is it really?

by Carrie Moreau, Claire Burke® Product Development

Claire Burke Original Home Fragrance OilWe’ve been making changes, haven’t you noticed?  We’ve shed our old skin and had a makeover, we’ve added some new stunning fragrances and products, and we’ve even changed how we offer some of our products to you.  Gone are the days of votives only offered in 4 packs.  We now offer them individually.  This makes decorating and even trialing a new fragrance more economical.

AND…over the years you’ve known Claire Burke® for our amazing designer potpourri, our famous Home Fragrance Spray and even our Botanical Candles, you know the ones…that have the botanicals hand-placed ever so perfectly.  But…do you know us for our Home Fragrance Oil?  Well – we want you to!  For all of you home fragrance fanatics out there, I promise that this is a must have product.

Did you know that our Home Fragrance Oil is a 3-in-1 product?  “What do you mean by 3-in-1 product you ask?”  Well 1) dropping 20 or more drops of oil in any tealight oil warmer (works in a Scentsy® warmer too) and in moments, your favorite Claire Burke fragrance will come alive 2) yes, it’s a potpourri refresher oil, sprinkle the oil over your potpourri to revive the fragrance and 3) for any of you out there that love your light bulb ring – yes, this oil can be used with that as well! Light rings can be purchased on

We even redesigned the packaging; the bottle has a built-in dropper-type dispenser making it more user-friendly! Just tip it over and it will start to drip out. It’s even offered in all of the Claire Burke fragrances too!  I think all of the bases are covered with this one little bottle of oil – talk about bang for your buck!

OH, and….you’ll even be able to use our Home Fragrance Oil in the new accessory we are unveiling in February! Stay tuned to or the Claire Burke Facebook page for more information.


About Carrie Moreau

Carrie brings a contemporary view to the tradition of fragrant decor with modern updates and a strong sense of style and grace. Working with the Claire Burke brand for almost 10 years, Carrie blends today’s home fragrance trends with the tradition of  quality and beauty Claire Burke is known for.


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Candles – The more, the merrier!

by Kathleen G., Claire Burke® Guest Blogger

Candles are made in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and scents.  They may be elegant or casual, charming or chunky, classic or silly, conspicuous or understated.  All which make them perfect little helpers for decorating any space of your home, any day.

No doubt, a single candle can simply create a beautiful centerpiece to any room… Distinctive, understated, standing strong with it’s warm glow.   So don’t get me wrong, but I believe that 1+1=3 when it comes to candles.   The more, the merrier.  Here are some creative ways to decorate differently, with candles, candles, and more candles! 

  • Add Drama – Make a statement or set a romantic mood with this contemporary look!  Place multiple tea light candles in a large glass vase or potpourri bowl.  It is sure to be the focal point of any room!
  •  Be Reflective – You can easily “expand a room” by placing lit candles in front of a mirror.  This classic trick turns a few candles into a family of illuminating wonders, “inviting” friends into your home.
  • Celebrate with Color – Don’t be shy, this trendy look will “wow” your guest’s senses.  Multiple tin candles bundled together will visually stimulate your eyes and blast your senses with a wildly impactful blend of fragrances.  
  • Create a Warm Glow – Place candles of different heights and colors in your fireplace as a quick and easy alternative to building a fire.  Decorative and safe, the warm glow can change the mood of a room, instantly.
  • Personal Bliss – Turn your bathroom into a relaxing and peaceful spa.  Place multiple tea lights and polished stones on your counter, turn off the lights, and treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath.

So gather up all of your candles and find a focal point, create a mood, and make a statement.  Have fun decorating with fragrance!

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Potpourri, my way!

by Kathleen G., Claire Burke® Guest Blogger

Did you know there was a real person named Claire Burke? She was an interior designer of the country’s most prestigious homes in the southeast. Claire Burke turned a love for flowers and herbs into a business. She began mixing dried flowers and herbs in her bathtub and back porch and eventually moved her operations to an old brick house. Her own combinations of botanical elements and complex fragrances became her trademark, and it can become yours too.

I love how potpourri has changed over the years. Now the botanicals in potpourri are “chunky” and visually very interesting in shape, texture and color. I buy all the new Claire Burke scents that are introduced and try them in different rooms of my home. As you know, the scent of potpourri does not last forever, thus, I use refresher oils to boost the fragrance impact again. I’m a saver, so when the scent has dissipated, I put my favorite botanical elements in a zip lock bag and save them for another time.

  • As the seasons change I create my own potpourri blends using my favorite botanical shapes, colors and textures that I have collected. As the season transitioned from summer to fall harvest this year, I created my own blend of potpourri using botanicals from 2 different Claire Burke blends, and added some plastic blackberries. I used refresher oil from last year’s fall fragrance Blackberry Cassis to refresh this potpourri.
  • Now that fall is upon us, I have changed my décor to reflect fall harvest using pumpkins, gourds, corn, and a variety of botanical elements from previous years Pumpkin Strudel potpourri and Applejack & Peel Potpourri. I used an oversized Claire Burke potpourri plate from years ago to create my “cornucopia” of fall goodies and have scented it this year with Slice of Spice refresher oil. Yummie!

  • Be creative, break the rules, and have fun with color and shapes. Don’t just pour the potpourri in the bowl and call it good. Arrange the pieces so you have interesting shapes together, group botanicals in threes to be artistic, and place botanicals so your arrangement has dimension.
  • Try this! I have a glass martini mixer that I never use, so I pulled it out of my china cabinet and filled it with fall leaves and Pumpkin Strudel potpourri botanicals that I saved from last year. The large botanicals, especially pine cones, are perfect for absorbing the refresher oil and making a lasting scent. So be creative, and make it your way!

  • Two years ago I made place cards for my Thanks-giving table entirely made from various pieces of potpourri!

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Remember your vacations, everyday.

by Kathleen G.

Hi, my name is Kathleen and I am a guest blogger for Claire Burke.  I have loved and used Claire Burke in my home for years.  I enjoy decorating my home with art and decorative accessories, being creative with color, and decorating for different seasons and holidays by mixing and matching fragranced products like candles, potpourri, and fragrance diffusers with an assortment of home décor accessories.  I hope to share with you some of my creative ways to decorate with fragrance!

My husband and I have a tradition of looking for a great piece of art when we go on every vacation.  It is our way of making certain we have something to “show” for the trip, as a reminder of all of the good times we had.  Over the years we have purchased some beautiful paintings which adorn the walls of our home, and often purchase fine glass vases as stylish decorative accessories.  I love to keep the memories of our vacation alive and do so by moving the various vases around my home, from room to room, mixing and matching them with other lovely pieces and coordinating them with a variety of Claire Burke fragranced products.  The vases are visually spectacular when I place a votive candle inside them.  The warm glow that flickers through the colors in the glass warm my heart.  In the span of 6 years, I have collected 4 decorative glass pieces that nearly match in their color and design so I often layer these pieces of art together.  I light candles inside them to set a mood in a particular corner of my living room.

This fall I have enjoyed using a variety of Applejack & Peel votive and tealight candles in these vases.  Additionally I transferred the reed diffuser fragrance (oh so carefully with a funnel in the kitchen sink) into one of the decorative bottles I had.  Now I enjoy the scent of Applejack & Peel in my entire living room!  This summer I have had many teenage boys traipsing through my house visiting my sons, and I always get a kick out of the fact that they tell me how great my house smells!  How my house always smells awesome and that different rooms have different scents!  They tell me they wish their house smelled so good – so I share my secret with them all…….Kathleen

Photo Inset – Painting purchased in Leeland, Michigan, Tall Vases from a vacation in Door County, Wisconsin, and perfume bottles from Murano, Italy!

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