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Claire Burke products are perfect for any occasion.

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By Guest Blogger, Patti Johnson- Patti Johnson Interiors

Claire Burke invites Patti Johnson of Patti Johnson Interiors to tell us what she loves about our Slice of Spice filled candle.  You can also check it out on her website.  Visit

Slice of Spice Filled Candle

It’s that time of year! You know, bustling about, shopping for gifts, preparing the house for Holiday gatherings. Well, I have discovered the most beautifully scented candle to set the tone! It’s called “Slice of Spice” by Claire Burke. It’s one of those rare fragrances that can transition from autumn into Christmas! Truly this fragrance is all my favorites wrapped into one! Pick up several, perfect gifts for school teachers, your hair dresser, neighborhood party, etc.


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5 Reasons Why Candles Make a Great Gift This Season

By Tracy Cox, Claire Burke Staff Writer

Fragrance fanatics like myself look at candles as a part of daily life: they’re great first thing in the morning while I’m gettingCandles ready for work, great for setting the mood for a dinner with friends, and great to help me relax in a hot bathtub at the end of a long day.  But for people who aren’t used to using candles everyday like me, they make a great gift of something new and special.

Here are five reasons why candles make great gifts

1.  You can’t go wrong with a candle.  Men and women alike enjoy candles, which make candles a reliable gift for that certain someone you never can figure out how to shop for.

2. Batteries not included.  They don’t come with an instruction manual or power adapter.  With candles, you just light and go.  That’s it

3.  If you can’t make it, fake it!  Candles are great for that of yours who’ll spend hours in the kitchen, only to have the food smell Candleslike burned up cookies.  Candles can give the home that fresh-baked smell, without the hassle.

4.  Candles are calming.  As great as candles are to give, they’re even better to receive.  They can help shave off the stress of a rough day and bring you back down to earth.

5.  Scent of memories.  The sense of smell is linked the most closely with the memory.  That’s why the scent of cookies baking in the oven might make you remember your grandma when you were little.  Candles are a great way to connect or reconnect with memories of the past or to help build new ones.

And the holidays are the only time when candles make a perfect gift

Other great occasions to give candles:




Mother’s Day


Bar/Bat mitzvah


Bridal/Baby shower

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Give for the Holidays Before the Holidays!

By Tracy Cox, Claire Burke® Staff Writer

Christmas TreeAs we turn the corner from summer to autumn, and the leaves are changing from green to orange, our thoughts start to wander towards the holiday season. Everyone has his or her own reasons for loving the holidays.  For some it’s the presents, for others its spending time with family, and for many it’s the heartwarming smells that accompany the holidays.

The Christmas season is my favorite time to give Claire Burke®, whether it’s a botanical candle, a gift set, or a fragrance diffuser, Claire Burke® is always a hit around the holidays.  However, I’ve learned from years passed that the heartwarming Claire Burke® holiday scents that I give as Christmas gifts only get a little use after Christmas before they are packed up for the next year.Christmas Memories Holiday Candle

That’s why this holiday season I’m going to gift differently!  This year I plan on bringing the holiday fragrances like Christmas Memories®, Oh Christmas Treeä, and Slice of Spiceä out long before Christmas passes.  Rather than giving fragrances that will end up getting packed up with the rest of the holiday décor, I’m going to give these scents as gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, holiday party host gifts, house warming parties, and get togethers.  That way they can be used for weeks or even months before the season changes and they may contribute to the aura of the season.

Then for my Christmas presents, I’m going to gift from the Claire Burke® basic collection so that my gift can be used long after Christmas.  My friends and family can love the holiday scents from October through December and then admire the classics for the rest of the year.

If you want to make sure the gifts you give this season are enjoyed to their full potential, remember this, give for the holidays before the holidays!

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Pick the APPLE that Suits your Loved Ones

By Rochelle Valencia Guest Blogger

The busiest season of the year is fast approaching. The cold breeze signals it’s the perfect time to start thinking about gift giving, and not just for the holidays!

Claire Burke’s Applejack & Peel® Home Fragrance Collection offers the scent of a luxurious home worth returning too, especially as the cool seasons approach.

There’s a perfect Applejack & Peel® product for the people you value most! The best thing about them is that you don’t have to spend too much (mostly less than $10 and some less than $20!) Just add some creativity and personal touches to make your gift worth giving!

For birthday celebrants. Let them experience the best on their birthday with Applejack & Peel® Petite Gift Set for those 3 best selling products from Claire Burke or these perfect combinations of Applejack & Peel® Potpourri and Applejack & Peel® Refresher Oil Spray to make their home luxuriously great for that birthday party.

Personalize it by attaching gift tags with fun messages like, “you look like the sweetest 16 ever!”  “How young are you again? ” “You look fabulous!” “Hoping for those wedding bells soon!”

For the bride. Give her some goodies for their first night as a couple with the romantic Applejack & Peel® Luxury Candle and Applejack & Peel® Mini Fragrance Diffuser. This luxurious four-wick red candle and apple fragrance diffuser sets the romantic environment perfect for that lovely honeymoon!

Personalize it by grabbing some permanent ink and write the name of the couple on the glass with a heart between their names!

For your new neighbor.  Make a good start and a perfect welcome by giving them the luxurious Applejack & Peel® Filled Candle.

Personalize it by writing on the top silver lid with “Welcome to the neighborhood!.”

For the favorite teacher. Those hardworking hands need relief after a long-day of writing on blackboards and checking homework. Give the gift of Applejack & Peel® Hand Soap with Glycerin.

Personalize it by tying ribbon on the bottle and write “You’re the Best!

For your mom or grandmother that you miss. Make them remember their own botanical garden and let them soothe their senses with the spectacular Applejack & Peel® Deluxe Botanical Candle for those visuals of leafy greens, ripe apple slices, cinnamon sticks and the smell of apple cinnamon spice!

Personalize it by adding a small tag card that simply says “I love you”or “I miss you.”

For the boss. Been dreaming of having that Monday without your boss following-up on tons of pending jobs from you? Give her this special Applejack & Peel® Travel Tin Candle and make her smell the luscious aroma and feel that tranquility with this elegantly compact travel-sized candle that she can bring whenever she goes on a weekend business.

Personalize it by writing an inspirational quote on the side of the silver can or a message that simply says “Relax & Take it Easy” or “We could do it!”

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Time Offer – Expires September 30, 2010

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