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5 Reasons Why Candles Make a Great Gift This Season

By Tracy Cox, Claire Burke Staff Writer

Fragrance fanatics like myself look at candles as a part of daily life: they’re great first thing in the morning while I’m gettingCandles ready for work, great for setting the mood for a dinner with friends, and great to help me relax in a hot bathtub at the end of a long day.  But for people who aren’t used to using candles everyday like me, they make a great gift of something new and special.

Here are five reasons why candles make great gifts

1.  You can’t go wrong with a candle.  Men and women alike enjoy candles, which make candles a reliable gift for that certain someone you never can figure out how to shop for.

2. Batteries not included.  They don’t come with an instruction manual or power adapter.  With candles, you just light and go.  That’s it

3.  If you can’t make it, fake it!  Candles are great for that of yours who’ll spend hours in the kitchen, only to have the food smell Candleslike burned up cookies.  Candles can give the home that fresh-baked smell, without the hassle.

4.  Candles are calming.  As great as candles are to give, they’re even better to receive.  They can help shave off the stress of a rough day and bring you back down to earth.

5.  Scent of memories.  The sense of smell is linked the most closely with the memory.  That’s why the scent of cookies baking in the oven might make you remember your grandma when you were little.  Candles are a great way to connect or reconnect with memories of the past or to help build new ones.

And the holidays are the only time when candles make a perfect gift

Other great occasions to give candles:




Mother’s Day


Bar/Bat mitzvah


Bridal/Baby shower


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It’s Electric!

By Tracy Cox, Vitabath Staff Writer

There are a countless number of ways to fragrance a room.  Claire Burke has covered everything from flame-released fragrance to flame free fragrance and potpourri.  My personal favorite way to fragrance is electric.Electric Fragrance Warmer

I love my Electric Fragrance Warmer and Refill Oil because it’s always on so no matter what, I walk into a room that already smells amazing.   It gently warms the fragrance oil to disperse it throughout the room and the fragrance stays strong for up to 60 days.  Its customized fragrance control even allows me to determine how much fragrance to use.

Level I disperses fragrance for 45-60 days and is perfect for smaller rooms or subtler fragrance.  Level II kicks the fragrance up a notch and lasts 30-45 days.  This is great for larger rooms or a more intense fragrance impact.  This is really handy for those moments when you need that added boost, like when you want to cover up the smell of burned food in the oven, pet accidents, or other unsavory odors that creep their way into our homes.

Slice of Spice EFW RefillAs for me?  I like my fragrance strong and keep mine on the Level II all the time.  I just love walking into a bedroom perfumed with one of my favorite scents.  Plus, the soft glow that radiates from the signature Claire Burke diamond gives a dark room a gentle illumination, which also contributes to the calming aspect of my Electric Fragrance Warmer.

Want to know a fun trick to try with your Electric Fragrance Warmer?  Try combining the fragrance from your warmer with a complementary fragrance from a candle!  Right now, with the Thanksgiving season quickly approaching, I’ve got Slice of Spice in my Electric Fragrance Warmer.  If I want to change it up, I’ll burn my Vanilla Bean filled candle to give it a sweet, fresh-out-of-the-oven scent.

Some fun fragrance combinations to try: Vanilla Bean Filled Candle

  • Applejack & Peel with Christmas Memories for an apple-cinnamon scent
  • Original with Tropical Flowers for a romantic floral scent
  • Cherry O! with Vanilla Bean for yummy sweet scent

The combinations are endless, come up with some of your own!

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The Beauty of Home Fragrance Spray

By Tracy Cox, Claire Burke Staff Writer

I know it sounds a little silly to say, “Thank goodness for home spray,” but it’s become a lifesaver in my house.  There is no quicker way to fragrance a room to perk up a pleasant smell or mask an unsavory one

Fish DinnerFor example, a few nights ago, I had some friends come over for dinner.  I had baked cookies earlier in the day and had just finished cooking the fish right before they arrived.  I wanted my house to smell more like the cookies than the fish (obviously) but at that point, it was too late.  My house smelled like a seafood restaurant.  So I reached for my handy dandy Vanilla Bean Home Fragrance Spray and a few spritzes later, my home smelled like cookies instead of fish.

Some other great places to use Home Fragrance Spray:Home Fragrance Spray

  • School lockers
  • Gym lockers
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets and linens
  • Even in the car!

If you want to freshen up a room quickly and keep the fragrance for a while, a great way to do that is to start with a few sprays of Home Fragrance Spray and top it off by lighting a filled or botanical candle to keep the fragrance steady.  That way I have the ambiance of candlelight but I don’t have to wait for the room to fill with fragrance as the wax warms up and melts.

I’ll always love my Home Fragrance Spray- I have a different scent for every room!  Give ‘em a try some time!

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Give for the Holidays Before the Holidays!

By Tracy Cox, Claire Burke® Staff Writer

Christmas TreeAs we turn the corner from summer to autumn, and the leaves are changing from green to orange, our thoughts start to wander towards the holiday season. Everyone has his or her own reasons for loving the holidays.  For some it’s the presents, for others its spending time with family, and for many it’s the heartwarming smells that accompany the holidays.

The Christmas season is my favorite time to give Claire Burke®, whether it’s a botanical candle, a gift set, or a fragrance diffuser, Claire Burke® is always a hit around the holidays.  However, I’ve learned from years passed that the heartwarming Claire Burke® holiday scents that I give as Christmas gifts only get a little use after Christmas before they are packed up for the next year.Christmas Memories Holiday Candle

That’s why this holiday season I’m going to gift differently!  This year I plan on bringing the holiday fragrances like Christmas Memories®, Oh Christmas Treeä, and Slice of Spiceä out long before Christmas passes.  Rather than giving fragrances that will end up getting packed up with the rest of the holiday décor, I’m going to give these scents as gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, holiday party host gifts, house warming parties, and get togethers.  That way they can be used for weeks or even months before the season changes and they may contribute to the aura of the season.

Then for my Christmas presents, I’m going to gift from the Claire Burke® basic collection so that my gift can be used long after Christmas.  My friends and family can love the holiday scents from October through December and then admire the classics for the rest of the year.

If you want to make sure the gifts you give this season are enjoyed to their full potential, remember this, give for the holidays before the holidays!

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Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

FallFall is underway and leaves are underfoot with scrunching squeals and slippery steps. Not to mention children’s delight at new discoveries. The avalanche of summer plenty is there for us all to see and the Scents of Fall take on a new significance. A sense of purpose and a sense of direction is what defines the season for me.

It’s a harvesting of the labors of summer and a chance to be thankful for all that nature has given us. Nature gives to us and we in return should harness this great bounty and in our own way not only give thanks but give gifts that convey our gratitude?

What better than to fill your rooms and those of your friends with a gift from the gods that lingers and conveys the spirit of the season? A Slice of Spice scented candle “the radiant glow and sweet scent of spiced pumpkin and cream cheese icing in our filled candle makes any room inviting.” Is a glowing reminder of the pumpkins that we’ll use in a few weeks for Halloween!Pumpkins
In years gone by the candle was the sole means of light when the summer sun had faded from the sky. Fall crept up on us like the   close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; as John Keats once said. But these were utilitarian objects, not the evocative and deliciously scented creations we enjoy today! Bringing a feeling of plenty and an aroma to relax with,  a scented candle such as the Slice of Spice makes the perfect choice for that inexpensive but invaluable gesture of friendship. A gift is usually given as an expression of gratitude and a desire to please so a scented candle is especially appreciated.

Yes we all have candles that are still in their wrappers, bought in a fit of enthusiasm or for a friend who we failed to meet up with subsequently. But Slice of Spice Filled Candlethese impulse purchases can now be put aside and with confidence you can flood the halls with memories of a summer just past but forever present in your memory. A gift of a scented candle is so much more don’t you think? I do and I’m heading for the store right now!

Can’t wait to see the delight on the face of my friends. Well I’ll keep some for myself can’t let them have all the fun can we? We could even get a copy of Keats’s masterpiece and include this as a very special slice of poetry with our gift tag. Now that would be a real gift!

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The Scent of Nostalgia


Claire Burke Guest Blogger, Lisa Hood, owner of First Fruit Collection Home Furnishing and Accessories

I remember the way Christmas smelled as a child. . . . . . cinnamon and fresh cut
fir brings me back to my childhood every time. . . . . . I love to burn candles with
these scents around the holidays.

I remember the way my Grandmothers house smelled . . . . cedar paneling . . .
mixed with made from scratch chocolate cake . . . . . and the scent of Dove
soap in her bathroom. I always remember my MaMa when I open a new box
of Dove soap.

I remember my favorite Sunday School teacher in 3rd grade at Trinity Free
Will Baptist Church who taught me the books of the Bible . . . .she always wore
dresses with invisible zippers and she always smelled of Estee Lauder Youth
Dew. I always think of her in the department stores when I pass the cosmetic

I remember my father . . . . he smelled of a mix of cigarette smoke, coffee with
sugar and cream, and oil. I can’t stand any of these smells to this day
and am instantly taken back to my childhood when I smell any of these. Not
the happiest of days . . .

The sense of smell is one that evokes memories the most. . . . over sight, sound,
touch or taste. It can instantly take you back in time and stir memories that
are associated with particular smells. Good or bad . . . . they cannot be erased.

First Fruit Collection Store

One of my favorite scents to use in my home . . . the only scent I have ever used
consistently is Claire Burke Original. It is a spicy and floral smell that has never
been duplicated. It outsells all other fragrances for Claire Burke. I have always
purchased this at a store here in Collierville called Pot Pourri. The store closed
a few years ago and I have been lost. I have searched everywhere for this scent.
I have a friend who has kept me supplied from the naval base in Millington.
They sold out . . . maybe due to my obsession . . . so back to the search.

At market this year, we decided to carry this wonderful product. If not for any
one else, but for me. I am delighted to introduce this scent to you . . . if you
are not familiar . . . come by and take a smell . . . hopefully you will love it as
much as I do.

We carry the room spray, candles, plug in fragrance and refills, and the diffusers.
Hope to see you soon. Happy Decorating, Lisa



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As a new addition to the Claire Burke Blog, we are inviting guest bloggers who are members of the Claire Burke fan community to post with us as Honorary Bloggers.  Our first contribution is about the role Claire Burke plays in olfactory nostalgia, written by Lisa Hood, owner of First Fruit Collection Home Furnishing and Accessories in Collierville, TN.  Make sure you check out her entire blog as well as the First Fruit Collection website!


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Have fragrance. Will travel.

By Alicia Thompson, Claire Burke® Staff Writer

This year, I’ve done quite a bit of travel and mostly for business.  When I’m on the road, I like to make my hotel feel as homey as possible and I’ve come to rely on some key items that can quickly turn any old hotel room into a friendly and cozy environment.


  • The quickest way for me to do that is with a light mist of fragrance.  The Mini Home Spray from the Claire Burke gift set is a perfect size for travel, and immediately clears out that “just sanitized” feeling.
  • Set out a photo.  I miss home when I’m away and it’s a nice feel-good memento to have a small photo of my husband and 2 “fur-kids” on the nightstand.  Print a 4×6 and have it laminated or slide into a small plastic photo frame.  I keep mine in the top pocket of my suitcase, and set it out as I’m unpacking.
  • Put on a pair of plush travel socks to relax in.  Your feet will thank you, and the plush feeling will remind you more of home than an easy to clean carpet for the hotel.  Broken Hallelujah on Etsy sells a cute pair of Mary Jane Slipper Socks here.

  • When I come back to the room after a long day, I light a small candle in my favorite scent.  I have 1 or 2 Applejack and Peel Travel Tins stashed in my suitcase at all times.  It’s easy to keep a small book of matches right in the top of the tin so I’m always prepared.

The only thing that’s left to do is hit up the vending machines for ice and a ginger-ale and I’m all set.   For more interesting information about ways to enjoy or embark on a trip of your own, check out this great book by Beth Whitman called The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo.  Happy travels!


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