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spring awakening

by Alicia Thompson, Marketing Manager

Claire Burke DiffuserI know it’s not technically spring yet, but in Arizona, after Christmas I’m straight into spring mode. Conjuring up images of baby chicks and pastel chocolate eggs. Brightly colored flowers to lift my spirits and melt away any holiday frost.

With each new year comes the anticipation of spring.

New life adds a youthful glow, as hope abounds.

So, I spent last night creating a new video for the Claire Burke website. It needed a holiday switchover and I was able to style some really beautiful floral shots for our spring catalog so I had plenty of inspiration.

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Potpourri, my way!

by Kathleen G., Claire Burke® Guest Blogger

Did you know there was a real person named Claire Burke? She was an interior designer of the country’s most prestigious homes in the southeast. Claire Burke turned a love for flowers and herbs into a business. She began mixing dried flowers and herbs in her bathtub and back porch and eventually moved her operations to an old brick house. Her own combinations of botanical elements and complex fragrances became her trademark, and it can become yours too.

I love how potpourri has changed over the years. Now the botanicals in potpourri are “chunky” and visually very interesting in shape, texture and color. I buy all the new Claire Burke scents that are introduced and try them in different rooms of my home. As you know, the scent of potpourri does not last forever, thus, I use refresher oils to boost the fragrance impact again. I’m a saver, so when the scent has dissipated, I put my favorite botanical elements in a zip lock bag and save them for another time.

  • As the seasons change I create my own potpourri blends using my favorite botanical shapes, colors and textures that I have collected. As the season transitioned from summer to fall harvest this year, I created my own blend of potpourri using botanicals from 2 different Claire Burke blends, and added some plastic blackberries. I used refresher oil from last year’s fall fragrance Blackberry Cassis to refresh this potpourri.
  • Now that fall is upon us, I have changed my décor to reflect fall harvest using pumpkins, gourds, corn, and a variety of botanical elements from previous years Pumpkin Strudel potpourri and Applejack & Peel Potpourri. I used an oversized Claire Burke potpourri plate from years ago to create my “cornucopia” of fall goodies and have scented it this year with Slice of Spice refresher oil. Yummie!

  • Be creative, break the rules, and have fun with color and shapes. Don’t just pour the potpourri in the bowl and call it good. Arrange the pieces so you have interesting shapes together, group botanicals in threes to be artistic, and place botanicals so your arrangement has dimension.
  • Try this! I have a glass martini mixer that I never use, so I pulled it out of my china cabinet and filled it with fall leaves and Pumpkin Strudel potpourri botanicals that I saved from last year. The large botanicals, especially pine cones, are perfect for absorbing the refresher oil and making a lasting scent. So be creative, and make it your way!

  • Two years ago I made place cards for my Thanks-giving table entirely made from various pieces of potpourri!

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Refuse Flame, Diffuse Fragrance!

By Tracy Cox, Claire Burke® Staff Writer

One of the hottest new trends in home fragrance is also one of the safest and most universally applicable.

We all love decorating with traditional Claire Burke® candles and the enticing ambiance that candles create but despite their beauty and alluring aroma, sometimes the flame from the candles has its occasional downside.

That’s why Claire Burke® and the world of home fragrance have introduced the Fragrance Diffuser.  They are completely safe, flame-free, and they disperse fragrance continuously, rather than requiring burning in order to release their wonderful scent.

How do they work?

  • The Fragrance Diffuser comes in a set with a decorative glass bottle filled with scented oil and a bundle of reeds.
  • Inserting the reeds into the top of the bottle allows the fragrance oil to be absorbed, dispersing the fragrance and permeating the entire room.Cross-section of reeds
  • The rattan reeds are extremely porous and pull liquid from the bottom to the top of the reed.  This is how the reeds transfer the fragrance from the oil in the bottle to the air in the room.

Why is this so great?

  • No more hunting down matches or a lighter when you want your house to smell inviting!
  • The Fragrance Diffuser keeps your house continuously smelling amazing all day long, rather than for specific periods of time.
  • Their flame-free design is simple and safe to have around children and pets.

Where can I use one?

  • Home, office, nursery, bathroom, nursing home, classroom, anywhere!

How long does it last?

  • The original Claire Burke® Fragrance Diffuser will impress you and your guests for approximately 60 days.
  • Want to change things up? Try a new Claire Burke® fragrance every month when you get the 30 day scent of a Mini Diffuser.

Claire Burke® Mini Fragrance Diffusers

Did you know…

  • You can freshen up your fragrance by flipping your reeds over!
  • You can keep a different fragrance in every room of your house.
  • Their elegant design complements any décor and encompasses a unique way to decorate with fragrance.!

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