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spring awakening

by Alicia Thompson, Marketing Manager

Claire Burke DiffuserI know it’s not technically spring yet, but in Arizona, after Christmas I’m straight into spring mode. Conjuring up images of baby chicks and pastel chocolate eggs. Brightly colored flowers to lift my spirits and melt away any holiday frost.

With each new year comes the anticipation of spring.

New life adds a youthful glow, as hope abounds.

So, I spent last night creating a new video for the Claire Burke website. It needed a holiday switchover and I was able to style some really beautiful floral shots for our spring catalog so I had plenty of inspiration.

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Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what goes into those beautiful shots you see on the website or ads? Well, with the new line premiering this month everyone at Claire Burke has been busy putting together the pieces that make up those beautiful shots.  We thought we would share with you a few shots from behind the scenes.

It takes a lot of props when setting up shots. Props help give you the feeling that your looking into someones home.
Its always fun when all the new products come in. I love seeing all the new looks and fragrances. Everything smells so good.
Premiering new products takes a great deal of prepration and design.
We want to present each new product with the same look and feel Claire Burke is famous for showcasing our scents.

All the lighting, camera angles and props are carefully chosen to promote the appropriate atmosphere for each new product.

Here we see the new AppleJack & Peel being set-up for the photo shoot. . .

Here is an example of the digital phase of finishing the photo shoot.
Here lighting, atmosphere and even the mood of the photograph can be fine tuned to create the best presentation of the new product.
Here is the final promotional photo for the new Applejack & Peel product line.We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the process of creating a new presentation of another quality Claire Burke product.

See you soon!


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