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Be Our Guest

By Guest Blogger, Patti Johnson- Patti Johnson Interiors

Claire Burke invites Patti Johnson of Patti Johnson Interiors to tell us what she loves about our Slice of Spice filled candle.  You can also check it out on her website.  Visit http://pattijohnsoninteriors.com

Slice of Spice Filled Candle

It’s that time of year! You know, bustling about, shopping for gifts, preparing the house for Holiday gatherings. Well, I have discovered the most beautifully scented candle to set the tone! It’s called “Slice of Spice” by Claire Burke. It’s one of those rare fragrances that can transition from autumn into Christmas! Truly this fragrance is all my favorites wrapped into one! Pick up several, perfect gifts for school teachers, your hair dresser, neighborhood party, etc.


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Oh So Nice- Slice of Spice

By Tracy Cox, Claire Burke Staff Writer

PumpkinsAs we settle into this autumnal season, we are greeted with the visions of golden leaves on the ground, scarves around necks, and pumpkins on porches.  I wish there was a way to bundle it all up into one tangible embodiment of the season.

Maybe there’s no way to hold autumn in our hands, but there’s still a way to capture it so we can smell it with our noses.Slice of Spice

Slice of Spice is the perfect olfactory manifestation of this season.  Burning a filled candle or warming some home fragrance oil fills the room with an aroma you can almost taste.  You can smell the fresh pumpkin as if you’ve just finished carving it in your kitchen.  The hints of allspice and rum give it a woody bite.  It’s topped off with the delicious scent of maple syrup and cream cheese frosting that make the whole room smell like Mom’s kitchen in November.

It’s an inviting fragrance that keeps the house smelling like you’ve been baking, but without all the hard work.  So fill your home with the warm, enticing aroma of Slice of Spice and let autumn wash over you!

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Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

FallFall is underway and leaves are underfoot with scrunching squeals and slippery steps. Not to mention children’s delight at new discoveries. The avalanche of summer plenty is there for us all to see and the Scents of Fall take on a new significance. A sense of purpose and a sense of direction is what defines the season for me.

It’s a harvesting of the labors of summer and a chance to be thankful for all that nature has given us. Nature gives to us and we in return should harness this great bounty and in our own way not only give thanks but give gifts that convey our gratitude?

What better than to fill your rooms and those of your friends with a gift from the gods that lingers and conveys the spirit of the season? A Slice of Spice scented candle “the radiant glow and sweet scent of spiced pumpkin and cream cheese icing in our filled candle makes any room inviting.” Is a glowing reminder of the pumpkins that we’ll use in a few weeks for Halloween!Pumpkins
In years gone by the candle was the sole means of light when the summer sun had faded from the sky. Fall crept up on us like the   close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; as John Keats once said. But these were utilitarian objects, not the evocative and deliciously scented creations we enjoy today! Bringing a feeling of plenty and an aroma to relax with,  a scented candle such as the Slice of Spice makes the perfect choice for that inexpensive but invaluable gesture of friendship. A gift is usually given as an expression of gratitude and a desire to please so a scented candle is especially appreciated.

Yes we all have candles that are still in their wrappers, bought in a fit of enthusiasm or for a friend who we failed to meet up with subsequently. But Slice of Spice Filled Candlethese impulse purchases can now be put aside and with confidence you can flood the halls with memories of a summer just past but forever present in your memory. A gift of a scented candle is so much more don’t you think? I do and I’m heading for the store right now!

Can’t wait to see the delight on the face of my friends. Well I’ll keep some for myself can’t let them have all the fun can we? We could even get a copy of Keats’s masterpiece and include this as a very special slice of poetry with our gift tag. Now that would be a real gift!

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Potpourri, my way!

by Kathleen G., Claire Burke® Guest Blogger

Did you know there was a real person named Claire Burke? She was an interior designer of the country’s most prestigious homes in the southeast. Claire Burke turned a love for flowers and herbs into a business. She began mixing dried flowers and herbs in her bathtub and back porch and eventually moved her operations to an old brick house. Her own combinations of botanical elements and complex fragrances became her trademark, and it can become yours too.

I love how potpourri has changed over the years. Now the botanicals in potpourri are “chunky” and visually very interesting in shape, texture and color. I buy all the new Claire Burke scents that are introduced and try them in different rooms of my home. As you know, the scent of potpourri does not last forever, thus, I use refresher oils to boost the fragrance impact again. I’m a saver, so when the scent has dissipated, I put my favorite botanical elements in a zip lock bag and save them for another time.

  • As the seasons change I create my own potpourri blends using my favorite botanical shapes, colors and textures that I have collected. As the season transitioned from summer to fall harvest this year, I created my own blend of potpourri using botanicals from 2 different Claire Burke blends, and added some plastic blackberries. I used refresher oil from last year’s fall fragrance Blackberry Cassis to refresh this potpourri.
  • Now that fall is upon us, I have changed my décor to reflect fall harvest using pumpkins, gourds, corn, and a variety of botanical elements from previous years Pumpkin Strudel potpourri and Applejack & Peel Potpourri. I used an oversized Claire Burke potpourri plate from years ago to create my “cornucopia” of fall goodies and have scented it this year with Slice of Spice refresher oil. Yummie!

  • Be creative, break the rules, and have fun with color and shapes. Don’t just pour the potpourri in the bowl and call it good. Arrange the pieces so you have interesting shapes together, group botanicals in threes to be artistic, and place botanicals so your arrangement has dimension.
  • Try this! I have a glass martini mixer that I never use, so I pulled it out of my china cabinet and filled it with fall leaves and Pumpkin Strudel potpourri botanicals that I saved from last year. The large botanicals, especially pine cones, are perfect for absorbing the refresher oil and making a lasting scent. So be creative, and make it your way!

  • Two years ago I made place cards for my Thanks-giving table entirely made from various pieces of potpourri!

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